Coming Sept. 3, 2019

Delacorte/Random House

A year after the fire, Ava’s doctor removes her compression mask and tells her to get a life. Of course, he uses medical-degree words like reintegration and isolation, but the gist is the same: Time to be normal.

But normal girls have eyebrows and all their fingers, and definitely don’t have pieces of their butt stretched across their foreheads to make a patchwork quilt of scars. Normal teenagers also don’t avoid mirrors or cringe at the word survivor.

The truth is, Ava didn’t mean to survive the house fire that claimed her parents and left her with severe burns on 60 percent of her face and body. In fact, most days, she wishes she hadn’t survived at all.

But when Ava meets an outspoken burn survivor named Piper at support group, she begins to reclaim some charred pieces of normal. Wheelchair-bound Piper even convinces Ava to sing on stage again, a dream she gave up the first time she saw her post-fire reflection. With Piper’s middle-finger-to-the-universe attitude as her guide, Ava starts to believe “normal” has more to do with the people by her side than the girl in the glass.    

When both girls have to face the harsh realities of their new normal, however, Piper begins to lose her own battle with depression and isolation. Before Ava can save her friend, she must confront the past to discover what really happened the night of the fire. Will the truth be enough to help both girls choose life—and love—despite the scars?

SCARS LIKE WINGS will be available September 3, 2019 with Delacorte/Random House in North America, and from these international publishers:

US / Delacorte 

UK / Simon &Schuster UK 

Brazilian Portuguese / Intrinseca 

Danish / Alvilda

Dutch / Gottmer 

French / Gallimard 

German / Heyne

Hebrew / Keter 

Hungarian / Maxim 

Italian / Garzanti 

Norwegian / Kagge 

Polish / Debit 

Russian / AST

Spanish / Penguin Random House